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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pamaskong Handog of Majorem Lending 0.99% monthly interest only on loans

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Rizal Philippines
November 28, 2017

We are giving our Holy Gardens customers a chance to avail of very low interest on their consumer loans.   Hurry hurry.  Inquire from the Holy Gardens nearest you or contact the phone number at the ad.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Who wants to be a millionaire? Maybe there are millions millionaire now in the Philippines

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Rizal Philippines
October 18,2017

Image result for how to be a millionaire in the philippines

Judging from the number of new model cars and SUVs that cost millions,  that are seen in overcrowded streets in MM and in the Expressways, the number of new homes and condo units being built and sold, we can conclude that there now so many millionaires in the Philippines may be millions.  Are you now a millionaire?

Dont you dream of being a millionaire?

If you are a wage earner now you can save P5,555.00 a month for 15 years, and you can accumulate P1,000,000 (without interest)

Most wage earners can save that much but they dont.  The very young people would be enomred with consumerism:   spend spend spend travel travel.consume.   Malls malls

But you can become a millionaire too:

Read these tips:

How to become millionaire in the Philippines in 5 years

From Philstar - Excerpts from the Millionaire Next Door    -  Habits and lifestyles of millionaires I have read this book by Stanley and a required reading for Entrep students

Start up tips on how to become a millionaire - from Entrepreneur

Friday, July 21, 2017

Second largest Universal Bank hit by an internal fraud - another woman did it

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Rizal Philippines
July 21, 2017

BANK FRAUD. Bank officer Maria Victoria Lopez uses a scarf to hide her face at an NBI news briefing on the Metrobank internal fraud case on July 21 2017. Photo by Inoue Jaena/Rappler
                                The suspect, Ma.Victoria Lopez hides face while presented at press con

Image result for Metrobank + URC bank scandal
                                  ABS CBN - how the NBI caught the lady executive in MBTC scam
The second largest bank in terms of resources was hit by an internal fraud and allegedly perpetrated by a woman. with a rank of  vice president.  earning about P250,000 a month.  Losses were estimated to be P900 million but could be as high as P2.5 billion.  The lady officer has been arrested by NBI and was alleged to be not cooperating.

She was alleged to have siphoned off amounts from the credit line of URC and has been transferring the loot to other accounts.   The NBI as advised and the officer was caught in an entrapment operation.   Another lady a branch manager was involved in the money laundering  case at RCBC.

The lady officer could be tried for qualified theft and violation of banking laws.  The scam involved unauthorized drawdown from the credit line  of a bank client.  The suspect was caught shifting the interest payment to the subject bank loan (we were hit by same type of scam;  the suspect is still scott free)

The Metrobank shares dipped 4% at the stock market. But Col Financial still recommended a buy for Metrobank. Metrobank assured the public that the amount involved would not affect its P1.9 billion resources.

Again we emphasize control, proper hiring emphasizing I of PIC (Integrity) and never be complacent that women are incapable of committing crimes.