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Friday, July 21, 2017

Second largest Universal Bank hit by an internal fraud - another woman did it

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Rizal Philippines
July 21, 2017

BANK FRAUD. Bank officer Maria Victoria Lopez uses a scarf to hide her face at an NBI news briefing on the Metrobank internal fraud case on July 21 2017. Photo by Inoue Jaena/Rappler
                                The suspect, Ma.Victoria Lopez hides face while presented at press con

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                                  ABS CBN - how the NBI caught the lady executive in MBTC scam
The second largest bank in terms of resources was hit by an internal fraud and allegedly perpetrated by a woman. with a rank of  vice president.  earning about P250,000 a month.  Losses were estimated to be P900 million but could be as high as P2.5 billion.  The lady officer has been arrested by NBI and was alleged to be not cooperating.

She was alleged to have siphoned off amounts from the credit line of URC and has been transferring the loot to other accounts.   The NBI as advised and the officer was caught in an entrapment operation.   Another lady a branch manager was involved in the money laundering  case at RCBC.

The lady officer could be tried for qualified theft and violation of banking laws.  The scam involved unauthorized drawdown from the credit line  of a bank client.  The suspect was caught shifting the interest payment to the subject bank loan (we were hit by same type of scam;  the suspect is still scott free)

The Metrobank shares dipped 4% at the stock market. But Col Financial still recommended a buy for Metrobank. Metrobank assured the public that the amount involved would not affect its P1.9 billion resources.

Again we emphasize control, proper hiring emphasizing I of PIC (Integrity) and never be complacent that women are incapable of committing crimes.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

97% owned Positive Money Cut - Money creation is largely held by Private Banks

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Rizal Philippines
April 18, 2017

97% owned

I just watched a documentary from ANC which is in the You Tube, about money creation by private commercial banks. Banks create money by lending. I have understood it early on when we founded a savings and loan association.   The largely held belief was that:

1.  Deposits generation or money is a zero sum game.  The deposits, money in circulation is fixed. That if you campaign for deposits, it would be taken from another bank.  Thus the rural bank which was our competitor which had only P1 million in deposit (I used to work there) would lose a part of that deposit to us.  However it did not happen that way.  We ended the year with P5 million in deposits and the rural bank had two million deposits.

2.  That deposits are just like money in piggy bank.  Deposits are just like coins and bills put in a piggy bank and you take  it when you break the piggy bank

Being a non banker,

1. I found out that the CB and commercial banks create money  And you create money by lending.  That money is an IOU a debt paper issued by the central bank

 2. There is no gold reserve.  It is fancy money.  Created only by accounting system. It looks like crazy system

An entity like a savings and loan association can create money.  5 years later, the deposit of the bank was up to P100 million and they did not just come from savings of depositor.   Some of them came from lending

3.  That a business cant grow fast enough if you do not create your own money.  SM created money by creating gift check.  Now it creates more through credit cards.   As far as our business is concerned we created money by lending retail mortgage loan to the buyers of the real estate company we organized.   We lent to buyers, the buyers paid the real estate company, the real estate company deposited the sales proceed to the bank.  The sales of the real estate company grew, the deposits, (deposited by the real estate company)assets of the bank (in the form of loans) grew. And these were all legal

Monday, October 3, 2016

Financial Calculator (free)

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